Philo aux Bains

La Vie devant elle avec Manon Loizeau
Texte date
Sunday, March 12 at 10AM

Within the framework of the FIFDH, the Bains des Pâquis offers you a screening and a meeting, feet in the water, on the Bains pier, under the yurt. The opportunity to discover one of the films in the competition focus, "La vie devant elle", a story, a diary of Elaha, a young Afghan girl of 14. The screening will be followed by a meeting with the director, Manon Loizeau.

"Life Before Her" is the diary of Elaha, a 14 year old Afghan girl, who films herself with a small camera to tell her story. Through her story, the film depicts the reality of children who grow up on the road, shuffled from one place to another to escape conflicts in the hope of finding a normal life. Accompanied by the musical compositions of Emily Loizeau, Elaha invites us to reflect, with emotion and lightness, on the migration journey and its implications; loneliness, mental fatigue and instability.

Free admission, no reservations required.

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