Philo aux Bains

10 years of war in Syria with Garance Le Caisne
Texte date
Saturday, March 11 at 10AM

Garance Le Caisne, director and writer, will present her latest book "Oublie ton nom, Mazen el Hamada itinéraire d'un disparu" (Forget your name, itinerary of a missing person), a dramatic story of a young Syrian who fled Syria. When he arrived in Europe, he became the spokesperson for a generation of refugees, and one of the few Syrians to publicly denounce the tortures suffered in the State's prisons.

This café-philo in collaboration with the FIFDH will be an opportunity to start from Garance Le Caisne's book to address broader issues related to the war in Syria, human rights and the rights of refugees.

The café-philo will take place on the Bains pier, under the yurt, and will be broadcasted live on Facebook Live.

Le Caisne