Refreshment bar

Seasonal, organic and local cuisine, changed daily.

Breakfasts, salads, daily specials and the famous Crémant fondue.
Let yourself be led by the tastes of our inventive chefs as you gaze out over the harbor, your feet in the water.

Telephone: 022 738 16 16


Opening hours: 7am-11pm
Breakfast from 7 a.m.


Opening hours: 7am-11pm
Breakfast at 8 a.m.

During the winter season, discover the warm atmosphere of a wood-fired cabin.

Reservations highly recommended.

The management of the refreshment bar is totally independent of the Bains des Pâquis. It is a non-subsidized commercial enterprise. An Agreement and a Charter of Values bind it to AUBP, guaranteeing and perpetuating the place’s social and convivial character by offering prices for simple, well-balanced food. The refreshment area plays an active part in the life of the Spa 365 days a year. It is often a partner of the AUBP in the organization of numerous sporting, social and cultural events.