Les bains wellness area
Sauna, steam bath, Turkish baths

A haven of peace on Lake Geneva

Since 1994, the Espace Bien-être des Bains has provided an exceptional setting for relaxation and pampering. Its unique location in Switzerland, on stilts at the foot of Lac Leman, offers a magnificent view of the jet d’eau, the Salève and Mont-Blanc.The space is designed as a place for relaxation and rejuvenation, to enjoy a moment out of time, far from the noise and stress of everyday life.

Practical information

Season 2023/2024 (until May 12, 2024)

Opening hours September to May

From 9am to 9:30pm every day except Sunday, from 8am to 9:30pm.
Last admission is one hour before closing time.

Tuesdays are reserved exclusively for women. The space is mixed on other days.

Opening hours from May to September

The hammam remains open during the summer mornings only, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, last entry at 12:00 pm.

Available / experiences offered :

Two mixed saunas
A mixed steam room
A women’s hammam
A Turkish bath
Direct access to the lake
Outdoor seating area
Rest room
A convivial indoor space: the sauna lounge

Admission: single admission 22.00 € daily except Monday 15.00 €.
An 11-entry season ticket can be purchased for 170.00


The Art of Living Together :
Respect and conviviality at the Spa

The wellness area at Les Bains promotes a spirit of conviviality and benevolence, emphasizing the values of courtesy, respect for others and consideration for each individual. The calm atmosphere promotes physical and mental well-being. In this way, silence is emphasized as the norm in all spaces, as a refuge/bubble in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle. Enjoying this experience of calm and regeneration implies respectful, attentive behavior as a pledge of commitment to caring for one’s own well-being while respecting that of others.

One for the sauna, the other for relaxation.
Sauna linens absorb perspiration and protect the wood from germs. This linen is only used in the sauna. The second allows you to move around and settle into rest areas.

You can also bring schlaps and a bathrobe for added comfort.

Cloths can be rented (5.- each) as well as schlaps (2.- per pair).

The saunas, steam rooms, Turkish bath and relaxation room are spaces of silence.

For relaxation between sessions: the outdoor rest area and the sauna operators’ lounge (in the rotunda) are convivial places to talk, eat and drink.

A sauna is an enclosed room built of wood and heated with dry steam designed to promote perspiration. Intense heat (between 70 and 100°C) and low humidity (around 20%) have a soothing effect on the body. Sauna means “sweat” in Finnish. This sweat ritual, originating in Finland over 2,000 years ago, alternates moments of heat with moments of cold, and is the basis of sauna medicine.

Induced sweating promotes blood circulation, dilating blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. The cold bath that follows the sauna has the opposite effect, increasing blood pressure. The sauna-cold bath cycle strengthens the heart. This alternation of opposing actions also strengthens the immune system. Since air is less effective at transmitting heat than water, the sauna lasts longer than a cold bath.

The main health benefits of the sauna ritual are activation of blood circulation, elimination of toxins from the body and stress relief with a relaxing effect and a feeling of well-being.

Wearing a bathing suit, considered antihygienic, hinders the evaporation of sweat, as heat and humidity promote the proliferation and dissemination of pathogenic microbes. Without a swimsuit, the dry, warm air helps these highly sensitive microbes to disappear. Swimsuits may be worn, but Bermuda shorts or swimming shorts are prohibited. Movements are made with the body wrapped in a cloth. In the traditional sauna, nuditý is the norm for everyone.

Before the sauna, a shower is mandatory.
Bath shoes are left outside, on the shelves, and the linen used for your travels will be hung in the airlock.

A large towel is placed between the bench and the skin to avoid direct contact between the skin and the equipment, to absorb sweat and to protect the skin from the heat of the wood.
The higher you sit, the more heat you feel.
After the first sauna to cool down, take a bath in the lake, or a cold shower, and relax.

In the sauna, the skin protects the body from excessively high outside temperatures. Contact with very hot air raises skin temperature (up to 42°C), but to keep it from heating up even more, perspiration helps to cool the skin and keep the body at a near-normal temperature (no more than 39°C).

Repeat these operations 3 times.

Stay hydrated during and after a sauna session. The potential risks of the sauna are not burns (as long as you don’t wear metal in the sauna), but effects on blood circulation for people with cardiovascular disorders. The sauna is not recommended for people with cardiocirculatory or blood pressure problems, kidney disorders, skin diseases, epilepsy or in early pregnancy. Finally, for reasons of hygiene, we abstain if we are suffering from infectious diseases.

Like the sauna, it has a long and beneficial tradition. A hammam is a steam bath of oriental origin, meaning “hot-water bath”, which has its origins in Roman thermal baths. Generally built of stone, its heat is between 45 and 55°C.

°C comes from a water vapor supply with 100% moisture saturation. It’s the ideal place for a purification and relaxation ritual. A session allows you to take care of your skin while relaxing body and mind.

Moist heat facilitates perspiration by dilating the skin’s pores, enabling deep cleansing. The hammam facilitates the removal of dead skin cells, with the application of black soap and scrubbing with a glove. Above all, it’s an invitation to indulge in a moment of relaxation.

The main health benefits of the hammam ritual are the activation of blood circulation, muscle relaxation and the elimination of toxins.

Only scrubbing gloves and black soaps are permitted. All other products are banned; shoes and linens remain outside.

Only indoor containers are permitted. It’s important to rinse your place before and after your visit. Access doors must be closed. Nozzles, thermostats and all other technical installations must not be watered or obstructed in any way, and hot and cold water taps must be closed after the buckets have been filled.

Start by warming up before skin care, massage the whole body with black soap and leave to take effect. This prepares the skin for exfoliation. Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. Using a glove, rub to remove dead skin. (Circular movements starting from the bottom and working upwards). Rinse yourself and your place. Relax.

The Bains des Pâquis Turkish bath differs from the hamam areas where you can wash.

Clothes and shoes also remain outside, and a changing room is available just past the WC. It’s important to rinse your place before and after your visit.
The relaxation room is a place to unwind between sauna, hammam or Turkish bath sessions.

Food, telephone and computer are forbidden, as in all facilities.

People will get into the habit of carrying two towels, including one for wrapping around themselves on the deckchairs. Lounge chairs must not be removed from the room. And blankets should be folded and put away after use. Calm and absolute silence are the order of the day.

We get a buzzer and wait. You can have a drink at the refreshment bar.

Once a month, on the evening of the full moon, our winter facilities (sauna, hammam and Turkish bath) are open until midnight. This is your chance to discover the sauna at Les Bains as you’ve never seen it before, with clay baths, mint tea, ice cubes, orange wedges and braziers…

This is a family space, and it goes without saying that good manners, tranquillity and cleanliness are respected. It is forbidden to photograph or film people without their knowledge. Any damage to or loss of equipment is the sole responsibility of those using the facilities. We expect mutual consideration and respect. Any disrespectful behavior will result in immediate expulsion. By entering our facilities, you agree to abide by these rules and regulations, as well as any other provisions for the smooth running of the establishment. These are binding on everyone. We hope you enjoy your stay with us, and look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or suggestions.

We welcome your wishes, comments and criticism.

No reservations or privatizations possible.

The desired time. After that, the exit is definitive.