This exhibition is dedicated to all lovers of the Bains des Pâquis and visitors from all five continents.

There would be no Bains des Pâquis without the pier, the umbilical cord of the Pâquis district, sublimely linked to Eaux-Vives by the jet d’eau and Quai Gustave-Ador, to the Old Town by the cathedral, to Plainpalais by the television tower, to Ile Rousseau, Ile, Bergues, Saint-Gervais and Saint-Jean, all visible from our territory. Cologny, les Voirons, le Môle and Mont-Blanc, le Petit et Grand Salève, le Mont-de-Sion, the Jura chain, complete the landscape of the harbor and the lake, not forgetting the four-season sky, implored to help us live and not increase a popular entrance fee.